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About Hybrid Proxies

Redundant. The torrentmirror family of sites are not just proxy sites, they are also caching mirrors. This means that if the target site becomes completely unavailable, the proxy will remain accesible for all cached content. This also reduces load on the sites themselves and pages should load quicker than a conventional proxy. They also have dns bypassing which allows the target site to remain browsable throught he proxy even if target domain’s dns is changed or down.

Fast. Because site assets such as images, stylesheets and popular pages are stored in memory cache, typically browsing through these hybrid proxies results in a more responsive experience for users and less stress on the target sites and less wasted bandwidth for everyone.

Private. Like other proxies, your browsing of the target site through this proxy is not visible to the target sites. No cookies or logins are passed along, making your browsing completly private. No IP logging or identification of users beyond google analytics is used by our proxy mirrors, in fact, most tracking scripts that are used on the target sites are removed before they are served to you.